Uni Market: Afternic Syndication & Pricing Updates


Over the last few months we have been able to join forces across the Uniregistry/Afternic GoDaddy Team to share ideas about how to continuously help customers succeed.  The end goal is to take the best of two amazing marketplaces and combine them into something that will help domain investors be even more successful! The changes outlined below are just some of the initial steps taken as a result of this teamwork.  

As we discuss some recent and upcoming changes we want to point out that some of these changes may require you to take some action with your domain portfolio to get it fully optimized within Uni. 

Uni Market: Afternic syndication  

Afternic Syndication is now live for every Uni Market customer. In short, what this means is that domain names listed in the Uni Market which are not already listed in Afternic will be automatically syndicated to the Afternic Network along with the List Price set on the domain. 

Why is this great?

It gives a significant lift in exposure to your inventory. In the short time that the syndication has been activated, we've seen a 90% lift in full price click-and-buy purchases (makes sense, more eyeballs means more sales!)  

Apart from increased sales, the integration also gives you a greater amount of insight into your domain portfolio. You will now be able to see new leads received through the Afternic Network directly in your Uni Market account! You can identify these leads in your account by the "Network Leadlabel. This feature is currently unique to Uni Market clients as a beta test and will hopefully be available within Afternic in the coming months as well. 

As a seller, what is important to know about the syndication?

It's important that your inventory and list prices are up to date in the Uni Market. Domains you no longer own or list prices that you may have forgotten to update are going to receive a much greater amount of exposure. We want to avoid bad experiences for customers when unintended sales occur so please take some time to review your portfolio and keep it up to date.

Learn more about how to reconcile your Uni Market account here: LINK

Prices will sync across to Afternic after you update them in your Uni Market account.  If you do not place a List Price on your inventory, then only the Minimum Offer will be synced across the syndication network. If you do not provide a minimum offer then by default the system will place $10,000 as the minimum offer which is displayed to potential buyers.    

Sales sourced from the Afternic/GoDaddy Network (labelled as Network Lead in your Uni Market) have the Uni Syndication commission rate of 20%. As always the Uni Market direct (for sale landers) commission rate is still 15%.

Addition of floor pricing 

We are excited to announce the addition of Floor Pricing!  This is one of the most talked-about features of Afternic and after some initial testing with Uni users we decided to roll it out to all customers. Floor Price is a price a seller sets within your Uni Market account which is the lowest acceptable sale price your Uni Market sales representatives can negotiate without seeking your approval.

Why is this great?

Having floor pricing significantly speeds up the sales process! Instead of needing you to be involved in the back and forth of negotiations, our team works to maximize your sale price while knowing the lowest you will go without seeking further approval. Additionally, if you're on vacation or away from email, this keeps the lead engaged instead of trying to look for a new domain. 

As a, seller what is important to know about floor pricing?

This is not a visible price to buyers and is different from a minimum offer. It is not required to have floor pricing but is highly recommended. 

Price updates in the Uni Market 

We're simplifying our pricing system by making it easier for sellers to manage and understand their pricing in their Uni Market accounts. As we discussed potential improvements with customers we recognized that the Quote Price and List Price options can be confusing. After some initial testing we are moving forward with removing the Quote Price option in favor of only the List Price.  Your List Price will be valid until the domain is sold, the price is updated or is removed.   

Why is this great?

This update will remove the confusion of what the current Buy Now price is for your domain name as there will only be one price which indicates the buy now price- the List Price. When you set a List Price in the Uni Market, it is syndicated across the Afternic Network (provided the domain is not listed at Afternic already) as the Buy Now price. As part of this update we are making it much easier to respond to price requests by being able to set a List Price and Floor Price all within one action. 

What does the future hold? 

The changes above are only the initial steps which will allow Uni Market and Afternic to work more closely together as we continue to look for ways to give you a better experience and sell more domains. We are excited for the things to come and as we have more to share, we will! 

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