Aged Domain Names: Add Authority to your Next Project


If you're looking for a new name for your brand or product, you might find the answer in existing, aged domain names that match your niche market.

How does a domain name "age" exactly?

There are a couple of reasons a domain name ages. One, is naturally: Domains are being held for years, being monetized, or being utilized for a variety of services. As long as a domain registrant renews that domain year after year, the "birthmark" remains intact, therefore adding to the domain's age.

There are millions of actively registered domains, and some can be extremely aged: The first registered .com domain,, is still marked with its March 15, 1985 registration date. An aged "birth certificate" as it applies to domain names is sought after by domain investors and brand developers.

Domain names that expired and were re-acquired without going back into the availability pool, retain their original registration date with the Registry. That ownership "jump" might have been due to an auction by the domain Registrar, that maintains the right to sell off inventory to the highest bidder.

GoDaddy operates a large domain name marketplace that includes expired domain names not renewed by their registrant, and anyone can bid to acquire aged domains.

Why would an aged domain become valuable for a company seeking to update its brand, or deliver a new one?

Depending on the nature of the domain, age delivers several benefits with regards to search engine visibility, or the ability to regain and expand that visibility once restored as an active web site.

Generic domain names, exact match domains, and category-defining domains can become auxiliary pointers alongside corporate products and services. For example,, a generic domain registered in 2000, can be used by a bedding manufacturer to propel their services across the Internet, and social media in particular, as it's so easy to remember and brand.

Anyone can acquire this domain and others via the Uniregistry Market.

From an SEO standpoint, going after an aged, category-wide domain can deliver a load of backlinks to your doorstep. You can use a backlink checker tool to evaluate the potential benefits that such backlinks may be able to deliver. Once active on the web, the domain's backlinks will have to be recreated as relative capture pages, in order to offer the benefits of backlink "juice."

Keep in mind, that in some cases, the number of existing backlinks is not enough; relevance quality is necessary, and if not, you'd have to consider going with another aged domain name.

As an added bonus, aged domain names are often seen by online security sentinel tools as less prone to be spammy, and safer than fresh registrations. Unscrupulous registrants attempt to register new domains that would then be disposed of or blocked within days. Choosing aged domains, such as from the early 2000s or even older, gives you a date of registration that is considered safe by this threat assessment and analysis tools.

Lastly, in the ever-growing world of brand creation, it's highly likely that your idea of a domain brand existed before, either as a descriptive two-word domain, as a category-defining domain name, or even as a fanciful "brandable" domain. By perusing existing inventory of aged domain names, you can kickstart your next project, all while adding authority and recognition to the brand.

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