Domain Names: Branding and Trust with Every Email Sent


Email seems so simple, but when you are a business, it is a big deal. For the person/company receiving your email, knowing it is from your brand can make a huge difference.

If I send an email to a business associate, they know it's me based on as my email address. No questions, they simply know it's me due to my brand and our business relationship. If they haven't heard of me directly, maybe they are aware of my brand (wishful thinking).

If I were to send the same email to the same recipient but from an unknown/different email address, the likelihood of them easily knowing it's from me is greatly reduced.

Since we are not always able to physically see the person in digital communication, like email, the domain name is verifying face for you and your brand. Every single email sent.

When you lose access to (or are unable to send) email from your brand name domain, this creates instant problems and a solution is needed right away. Most of the time, these situations are fixed quickly but maybe your company struggles with this due to using an off-brand domain? If so, it's something to certainly think about.

I have had my fair share of email issues over the years. The majority are not my own direct doing, since I set the standard SPF and DKIM settings on my brand domain name. Sadly, I was email bombed twice after reporting a few stolen domains publicly, and I can say with certainty that I deal with the negative effects of the bombing still to this day. It has been over 2 years now and I am considering rebranding; so branded email is that big of a deal.

With certainty, the one big factor remains: My brand is my brand and not being able to email from your brand domain can be devastating. It's important to protect ownership of your domain name and having your email systems up and running at all times. The more data and insights into email that your company can access, the better.

Not only is it unprofessional to send a business email from a personal email address, it can also be distracting and confusing. Both can and likely will have long term, negative consequences on your brand. Stay on brand with your email and treat it as a professional communication channel.

Branding and your domain name are used in every email you send. Every single one! Your emails are not just from you personally, they are from your brand as well.

When you're are unable to communicate electronically as yourself, you realize the importance of that situation and how deeply connected your domain name is to you, your brand, and your digital appearance and communication. I experienced this recently due to my email client having some settings issues that raised security alerts between two parts of their own tech. In the end, I could not send an email from my brand domain until this alert was cleaned up, so my hands were tied until the security alert was resolved.

Take your email seriously. If you didn’t think highly of your domain name that you send your emails seriously before, maybe you should revisit the situation and what that reflects onto your brand.

Email is just a part of your brand image but email also likely contains your main brand domain name used, so it reflects even more in communication and the image of your brand. Both need to be taken seriously because they matter.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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