Inspire Action, Reduce Friction


We all influence others, often without intent or knowledge of doing so. Since I write about domain names, my doings can inspire action of others to improve the domain name they are currently using for an example.

It’s not really my intent, but if I am naturally guiding you without pressure using real-life examples and experiences that provide helpful knowledge, I'm happy to do so.

I often sit back and think of the actual reasons why I did something and what were the key things that made the process work for me. Have you done this? Knowing the “why” in situations can potentially help solve a problem one may have or highlight the reasons you did or didn’t do something.

For example, I really do not like to purchase things from websites I do not use frequently and there are two main reasons why:

  1. I have so many accounts in general already, I dislike the need to remember another.
  2. Data breaches and fraud are something very real, so I like to feel very comfortable before handing out sensitive information.

What removes my main two friction points about this? Not having to create a new account (on the site I’m on) and being able to make payment via a method I already use. PayPal Checkout is my friend. No account signup needed to make the purchase on the site I’m on and no sensitive info needed to provide. I just click the Checkout with PayPal button and bing, bang, boom, done!

Reduced friction at its finest.

If a website doesn’t offer that feature, my next stop would be to visit Amazon, a reliable source many people use often, and one I’m familiar with. If it’s not something that I can purchase on Amazon, then I start reading and looking for natural discussions on the product or service in question. The friction factor during this is high and unwelcoming but my main goal is to see and hear the satisfaction of others, which instills my trust.

We are inspired by people and services we trust. A simple recommendation or mention of a product or service one uses is often all we need to pull the trigger ourselves and feel good about it. Since we trust the person and they say they have used and are satisfied with something, that provides that little extra assurance we all need.

This all relates to having the same assurance when purchasing a domain name. It may be something you have never done before. It’s a process you may be uncomfortable with because it’s new to you.

Thankfully, Uniregistry is here to inspire you and remove friction in the purchase process of domain names. Experience and trust you want and need!

Build something you are passionate about. Build an inspiring brand around this passion. Present your customers with a frictionless process that makes it easy and part of the positive experience. You can compete with the biggest of big companies in this world. You can buy an amazing domain name and create a short, slick, unforgettable brand name to display your passion for your offering and win.

As a bonus, Uniregistry will go the extra mile for you to make it a reality and provide the trusted service you expect.

The more that you can inspire action and reduce friction, the better you can sell the solution!

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