Look at Domain Names with a Different Perspective


If you visit a museum and observe, every visitor goes through the same door, down the same hallways, and they will all see the exact same literal things, but will also see things differently based upon their unique perspectives.

Today, I wanted to make you think differently about domain names. From a different perspective than you normally do.

Do you buy domain names because you like them or do you buy domain names because you know others will need them? Maybe you need to think like an end-user buyer and not as a domainer?

Do you think as a marketing agency might think? Maybe consider things that marketing agencies do. Look for patterns they display (they all like to show off their work, so take a look) It may spark an idea.

In general, I want you to look at the way you do things and look at each one from a different perspective.

An example:

I was looking at a list of expired domain names. Plenty of us do it and we likely almost all look at the same data. It’s easy to get in a routine and use tools that are helpful to use. If you really think about it, there are very few tools that show any data with expired domain names. We are all walking down the same hallway at the museum. We are all seeing the same domains, just people looking at them with different perspectives.

I like this one, I like that one. The person behind you may like the exact same domains or maybe not one that you do. Since domains are all unique, the good ones will shine based on certain metrics, but gold doesn’t shine without being polished. Some will be hidden and shine with different data.

I thought to myself, "Everyone's looking at the very same data I am. It’s why all the auctions have so many bidders and I'm constantly bid out of my dollar-store budget!" The majority are using the very same data to find what domains to bid on, that’s the problem. Yes, my budget sucks, which isn’t helpful. But sometimes you just have to find other ways.

It can be frustrating until you look at it from a different perspective. 

I set out to find different data. It wasn’t easy and I didn’t discover the data sets overnight. I thought certain data would yield better results than others during the discovery process, and I ended up finding that two different data sets, once combined, produced a totally different set of domain names. It was crazy, really, but both feeds were important.

Since the data was different than the data most folks were looking at, to my surprise, many of these domains were getting no bids. I could win most of the names if I wanted, the majority of the time.

I’m not talking home run balls, nice doubles, triples, and a few with an in-park home run.

I played around with the whole data collection process manually for a month. It was extremely time-consuming because I was using web scraping to test the process/idea, all of which was new to me, so that process alone had a high learning curve. I could likely improve the data collection using API access and code automation but that part of it was getting over my head and development costs can easily start getting pretty high, so I was a bit reserved with what I should do to help reduce the time-consuming process. Then I was dealt a bit of a problem.

One of my key data sets I was obtaining that combined two data sets together ended up getting IP blocked with the web scraping service I was using. Without that extra data set to combine with the other I had used, they were essentially both useless without each other. The web scraping service said there wasn’t anything they could do about the IP address being blocked. I tried for about a week to replace the data feed with something similar but I just wasn't able to find a similar source that I was able to obtain with the same process.

At that point, I put the brakes on the project because it was wildly time-consuming to test and make work mainly on a manual basis, and at the time I wasn't able to find a replacement data source for the one that got blocked. I could likely get the data that I was blocked from getting by working directly with the data source but losing it certainly made the project fragile.

In the end, I learned that looking at things from a different perspective could yield wildly different results. It wasn’t easy but it was an approach that others are not doing. I was using different data and just trying different things. I tried a lot of different data and just happened to notice two that worked better than everything else. Without looking at it differently, I likely never would have even tried it.

I didn’t end up with a fix-all solution, but I do know that I can create something different than what the majority are using with a promising result by looking and acting with a different perspective.

The information contained in this blog is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement, advice, or opinions from Uniregistry on any subject matter.

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