Phrase Domain Names: What They Are, When to Use Them


There are many different “types” of domain names. Dictionary terms, acronyms, invented, two-word combinations, two into one word invented, domain hacks, and many more. Today, I wanted to talk about phrase domain names.

Phrase domain names are commonly known terms spoken to often reference something. The more common the phrase, the more likely this term is widely known and more importantly, easy to remember.

With any domain name, the goal is to have the consumer remember it and hopefully act on it. The more the domain name makes sense to what is being spoken about, the better!

Most phrase domain names will contain 2-4 words to make the phrase complete. 5-word phrases would be the very maximum one would want to go as a domain name, because it’s simply getting harder to remember and lengthy to type out. Ideally, 2-3 words to complete your phrase is great.

What are phrase domains used for?

Some phrase domain names can make very good brand names and often work very well in advertising by using a common and known phrase that relates to an offering.

Some example brand name phrase domains would be:

  • Gut Check (
  • Healthy Food (
  • Let Go (
  • Cool Company (
  • Full Story (
  • Live Well (

Marketing phrase terms:

  • (Sold for $30K)
  • (Sold for $40K)
  • (Sold for $20K)
  • (Sold for $25K)
  • (Sold for $13,500)
  • (Sold for $14K)

No, not every phrase domain name sells for five figures. Most do not sell at all. Some do sell for a nice amount of money though, with some of those noted above. With most domain name sales, they take time and sometimes they do not sell for whatever reason.

Are phrase domain names good investments? I personally think so, but the term needs to be very commonly used and pretty popular. It also needs to be exact, not close! Most of the time, it needs to be .com. Just like everything, you will win some and lose some.

Phrase domain names make a lot of sense for branding and marketing purposes and the main reason I like them. They are relatable for consumers and often memorable as the terms are already stored in the consumer's memory bank and something that doesn’t need to be learned, like a new brand name would be.

The more positive the phrase, the better.

The information contained in this blog is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement, advice, or opinions from Uniregistry on any subject matter.

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