Use a “Funnel” Domain Name To Promote All of Your Offerings in One Spot


Today, I was listening to a livestream where the guest kept talking about all the different companies they have founded; the current projects they were involved in, exits, and all the other stuff they were doing. I don’t remember a single one of them or the domain names related to them.

That’s a problem—for me, but also for the person who was promoting everything in the livestream.

My brain was going crazy. Nothing stuck and it was because they kept talking about some many different domains and brands, I couldn’t focus or pick one to store in my brain. Most of the brands and domains were being spoken of during general conversation, so nothing made them pop.

In the end, the person mentioned 5-8 different brand names, domain names and social media handles and I remembered zero of them.

That got me thinking.

What if only one main location (domain) was given to find out more info, would it be more likely remembered after I heard it several times? Likely. The person I heard was sharing social media handles, new projects on gTLD domains and older projects on different domains, partner projects, radio show names and more.

Not every situation will be like this but let's say you find yourself on podcasts, livestreams, interviews, and you're talking about many different domains, brands, and services that you're involved with. Would having one sendable destination that contained all your information (a domain name) be more effective for you and less confusing for the viewer/listener?

You can still mention your brands, products, or service that you're involved in, but focus on giving out your "funnel domain". For example, “you can find all the information at: “Funnel Domain Name”” which should be very helpful and easy to remember for everyone. You can include social media handles, your different offerings, awards, and more—all on the one site.

GoDaddy offers several one-page website options, so setting one up should be easy and little to no website building knowledge needed.

Try to keep the “funnel domain name” you use for the portfolio site very clear and easy to remember. Maybe your personal name or it could be a catchy term, something directly related to you or your brand(s). Just make sure it’s a name that is memorable.

We live in a busy world and domain names are very powerful when used properly. Using one as a “funnel” to easily and clearly promote ALL your offerings in one place is another great use for a domain name.

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