What’s Happening ~ Domain Names Are More Popular Than Ever


This time I'll be writing an article with a different approach than usual. The following is just going to be things I have been seeing lately related to domains. To note, I see and work with domain names 14 hours a day, every day, and I look at many different angles and data.


Sadly, several of the popular “website building” platforms that heavily advertise and get used by a lot of people because of it do not offer great domain name search related tools, and that matters because it’s a big step in the signup/launch process. During some research recently, I ran into dead ends with nearly every search I performed to find a domain name to brand and build my business around. For example, none of these services are connected to the Afternic DLS (domain aftermarket), so even though I was searching for domains that I knew were for sale, the services returned Not Available frequently.

This could get a new company started off on the wrong foot, using a longer (or off brand) domain name than they wanted. If the domain they wanted was available for a reasonable price and presented at the right time, it increases the chance of two happy parties. (I did inform Afternic about this)


I binge watch YouTube with my wife and son. It is really the only thing that is ever on our TV beside Disney+. Several of the popular YT channels my son watches are in a progression stage and trying to lessen their full dependency of Youtube. Rightfully so, because many of these businesses have a huge following only on Youtube, a platform they can’t control.

I always say it’s important to have the most control over your business you can, including owning the best domain name for your brand and funneling traffic and users to your controlled website. Many of these Youtube-focused businesses are finding out now that being brand-aligned is important, and having the matching, most common .com domain to their Youtube channel/brand is more important now than before.

I have been seeing a strong push to build an “exclusive” version on a website and view video’s first (sometimes weeks or month’s ahead of the Youtube channel release). With many Youtube only brands taking a better controlled look at how they do business, this is just another driving force towards more demand in domain names and matching up with the brands they have been building directly on Youtube.


When you start viewing data related to startups, and the data starts getting close to Seed/A rounds of funding, more and more have already acquired their best brand matching .com at this point. Between A and B rounds in general is already getting “late” if the startup has not acquired the best .com domain yet and they will likely have to pay more because of it.

Each week, fewer companies don't already own the best/matching .com domain to what they brand as. It is pretty amazing to see (it’s not always easy, nor cheap acquiring great domain names from past owners) and more are investing to get the best domain earlier and earlier!

I see a lot of investor competition in this category as well (for generic domains), so not only are the newer companies around the world wanting/needing these domains, they are also strong investments for domain investors with demand increasing due to newer companies using the matching generic brand terms and many domains are being acquired by domain investors.

Do something

Each week I try to set aside some time to try new random things, and this past week was a banger! I discovered two very helpful things. One was a new search term that I decided to share with you right away. (search: developed domain popularity) It has become a very helpful search for me and its very interesting to see the results.

The second new thing is some domain related software that I purchased. It wasn’t cheap (mid $xxx) but it’s amazing! I can literally track and see at least 20+ more/different data sets that I didn’t have an option to do before. This one is more unique to me but I’m already finding ways to use the software beyond what it was intended for. The great thing, I can add almost anything to the software that has an API, which is sweet and allows for deeper customization to my needs. I will see if I will share this one in the future but just know… do something different and try to discover new things to help you.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this different style article format. The domain industry remains strong (heck, DomainJournal.com reported the most six figures sales in one publication EVER, two times in a row in March 2021) and I do not see demand for great domain names slowing any time soon.

Big businesses, new businesses and expanding businesses are in deep need for good domains to match the brands they are promoting and building.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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