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Market fees & rules

Selling is simple. So are our fees.

Buying or selling a domain shouldn’t be complicated.

No one wants to go hunting around the small print to see how much they’ll be charged for a successful sale. Here’s all the information you could possibly need regarding payments on the Market.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team here.

Accepting payments from practically anywhere

We currently accept payments on the Market via:

Credit Card
Wire Transfer

All transactions on the Uniregistry Market are in USD. Credit card payments and PayPal are subject to the restrictions listed below. Only 1 payment method may be used to complete each transaction.

Transaction funding

We have a few simple rules in place to make sure transactions go as smoothly as possible. Buyers may pay in the following ways:

Wire transfers

  • Payment by wire transfer is always accepted.

Credit card & PayPal

  • The domain must be received by the buyer at Uniregistry.
  • PayPal email account for payment must match the email for Uniregistry account.

Uniregistry may refuse to allow credit card or PayPal payment for any reason.

Payouts to sellers

Get paid easily and with minimum fuss.

  • Uniregistry pays the seller their net proceeds the following working day (exception for USA Bank holidays) to their selected payout method. For more information click here.

Our fees

Standard commission of 25% ($15 minimum) on sales.

15% reduced commission ($15 minimum) of sales price when using GoDaddy Aftermarket supported nameservers.

Learn more about GoDaddy Aftermarket nameservers in our knowledge base.

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